​Continuing a family tradition of self-taught artists, Alejandro Silva has recently unified his creative expressions in photography, graphic design, and music into an all-encompassing passion:  Painting.  This multidisciplinary approach has allowed to him to draw from a variety of different areas to create bold new forms.  

Alejandro’s zeal for action painting, focusing on brush strokes, color, and texture, is influenced by both his Costa Rican mother’s work in fibers and textiles and his Ecuadorian father’s oil painting.  Music has always been his muse when painting; at times dictating the strokes and colors in an almost tangible meditative process.  Some of the structural design or graffiti-like elements in Alejandro’s paintings also hint at his highly developed architectural background. 

Originally from Southern California, Alejandro relocated to Savannah in 1989 in order to complete his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Architecture at Savannah College of Art and Design.  Since then he has worked for multiple American Architectural firms for 15+ years, taught as an adjunct professor for 6+ years, and is currently working for 6+ years at an International Architecture firm. 

When asked if there are specific subjects in his paintings, Alejandro replied that “interpretation is up to the viewers, they are the ones in control.”

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